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2 in 1 NEP Micro Inverter

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- Recommended Max PV Input: 400w x 2
- Max DC Input Current: 14 A x 2
Input (DC)
Recommended Max PV Power: 400 W x 2
Max DC Open Circuit Voltage: 60 Vdc
Max DC Input Current: 14 A x 2
MPPT Tracking Accuracy: > 99.5%
MPPT Tracking Range: 22 – 55 Vdc
ISC PV (Absolute Maximum): 18 A x 2
Maximum Backfeed Current to Array: 0 A
Output (AC)
Peak AC Output Power: 580W
Max Continuous Output Power: 500W
Nominal Power Grid Voltage: 240 Vac (3φ: 208 Vac)
Allowable Power Grid Voltage: 211-264 Vac (3φ: 183-228 Vac)
Rated Output Current: 2.09 A (3φ: 2.40 A)
Maximum Units Per Branch (20A): 7 units (3φ: 6 units)
Allowable Power Grid Frequency: 59.3 - 60.5 Hz
THD: < 3% (at rated power)
Power Factor (cos phi, fixed): -0.99 > 0.9 (adjustable)
Current (inrush) (Peak and Duration): 24 A, 15 US
Nominal Frequency: 60 Hz
Max Output Fault Current: 2.4 Arms for 3 cycles
Max Output Overcurrent Protection: 10 A
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2 in 1 NEP Micro Inverter
2 in 1 NEP Micro Inverter